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So there's this song, "Yeah" by Joe Nichols, which comes on the radio every so often. (I like country music, at least the less misogynistic and racist kinds.) And every time I hear it I have three rather conflicting responses.

1) This is actually a really bad way to enter into a relationship. The singer agrees to everything the unnamed girl suggests, because he's beautiful (and, of course, because he wants to have sex with her) - but that means that she has no idea what his actual preferences are, and entering into a relationship in which one person entirely subsumes their opinions to the other's is...not a good idea. There's going to be festering resentment eventually.

2) Amusingly, though, it can be read as sort of BDSM-flavored: "Whatever you're drinking, that's what I'm drinking / Girl you're calling the shots tonight / Whatever you're thinking, that's what I'm thinking / Tell me what you've got in mind / So I can say yeah, yeah." That reads, to me, a lot like someone agreeing to be the submissive partner in a sexual encounter. Pretty sure that's not what the author intended.

3) Last and least probable: this is a wonderful song about a vampire successfully luring a guy off into the bushes to eat him. I mean, come on: a preternaturally good-looking woman shows up at a tailgate, picks a guy who's there alone, gives him a drink (of what?), and then asks if he'd like to go on a walk with her...alone, in the dark...if that's not a vampire's hunting strategy, I don't know what is. Successful, too. All power to the vampire lady. Well done.


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