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Okay, this is going to be sort of a random assortment, so let's start with the short things:

1) For the past many months, I have been working on putting together a comprehensive list of what they eat in the Redwall universe. Anyone interested in the masterlist of Redwall foods can find it here:

2) I don't know why - I've never actually seen The Sentinel, though I've read a whole lot of fic - but the country song "You Should Be Here" sounds like it should be the prompt for a sad Sentinel songfic. Honestly I can think of three or four I've read that would suit the song perfectly.

3) So Best Beloved and I were talking about fiction the other day, as you do, and something interesting came up. Our generation - Millenials, I guess, though we're on the older end of that group - grew up with Harry Potter. It's become such a cultural phenomenon that when I say that we learned something of a Hufflepuff mindset, everyone pretty much understands that what I mean is that hard work, loyalty, and friendship will get you through pretty much anything. Courage and self-sacrifice also help. But I'm a librarian, and what I'm seeing in the YA section these days is dystopias: books which say that you can work hard, be loyal, have good friends, be brave and self-sacrificing...and the world is still going to go to shit, and might kill you. Which is more realistic, I suppose, but a lot more depressing.

But Best Beloved pointed something out about Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which the movie and fandom which have eaten my life these last two and a half months). What TFA says is that there is still hope. There is still light. Here are these damaged, hurting people who meet each other and *love* each other and can find joy even though by rights all of them should be curled up in little whimpering balls.

So maybe the pendulum is starting to swing a little towards hope again.


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