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So I have had a brilliant idea! It goes like this: I must find a team of clever tailor-type people who know how to make clothing, and probably a clever technology-type person who knows how to make a website, and we will begin making pants for women. But not just any pants! These will be pants that fit and have pockets. Pockets that can hold things! Pockets you can stick your hands into! And they will fit no matter what size and shape you are! Because...

They will be sized by actual measurements! No more of this 'size 10p' nonsense. Oh no! These will be sized by waist, hip, and inseam measurements. And thus, they will actually fit at, wait for it, wait for it, waist, hip, and inseam.

So these will be pants which fit, and have pockets. But wait, there's more! These will be pants which are made out of sensible materials, so that they can be washed, and that will be presentable in professional settings. Dress slacks! Khakis! Pants you can wear to work! Pants which will not need to be held up by belts, or hand-washed, or drycleaned, or anything!

And the really clever bit of all of this is, for these pants, I am pretty darned sure that a sizable fraction of the female population of the US (possible other places too, but that's where I am) will pay top dollar. Thus, the tailor-type people and the technology-type person (and your humble typist) will be paid a living wage! And when we have expanded so much as to be able to have a shop and an official sewing-place, the workers there will be paid a living wage too!

Then we can worry about expanding into shirts and underthings and so on. But for starters, pants. Pants advertised by the simple and accurate slogan, They Fit.

So yeah, if anyone reading this is (or knows) a tailor- or technology-type person who feels like this is a good idea...or a person who thinks she would buy such pants if they were available...please tell me?

Or if someone knows of a company that already does this, tell me who?


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